Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest Voice: The Truth Evades Obama

A business associate has a 180-degree opposite political ideology than myself. John Cothern believes President Obama is a fraud. Below I will reprint his entire email as it refers to two of my columns in which I was critical of the president's lack of leadership. The columns were headlined "Will The Real Barack Obama Stand Up" and "Obama's Speech Earns A 'D'."

Hi Jerry:

Read a portion of your blog from yesterday regarding the State of the Union address, and I suspect you and I would agree in tandem and may well parallel our views.  Unfortunately when we enter into discussion about minor issues, we start to lose focus of intent and direction, and pay more attention to impertinent subject matter that results in "heated debate."

I tend to view things as a goal or objectives to be reached; i.e., a single word with a strict definition everyone already understands.  No deviations or spinning allowed!  The objective is little more than a point in time and space where we need (or want) to arrive.  It becomes the pinnacle we achieve over time, and because we stay focused along the way, we are able to protect that objective with the greatest of expectations.  It's merely the way we use building blocks to construct tall buildings, however the use of a nonconforming block or ideology can make the structure crumble into a catastrophic failure.

 Picture this as an example.  An equilateral triangle, resting on its base.  Imagine the triangle to have three layers (tiers if you will) equal distant from the base line - something we now need to label.  Let's call the bottom tier "details."  The second tier, it "specifics."  The top tier is - maybe - "generalizations," maybe objectives.  We don't about the label, as long as we agree upon the strict definition for that tier or section.

Now draw or imagine thousands of parallel lines to each of the three sides, thus creating billions or trillions of tiny equilateral triangles, each represented with it's own label. Who cares?  We don't have a billion words in the dictionary, anyhow.  The point here is that the lower tier will contain all the details that make up the basics for any structure or ideology.  The "specifics" tier appears to be where we "think."  The relationship to each tier is where we argue, debate, fight, and form our hates and dislikes.  We will argue back and forth, side-to-side, in every direction, until we exhaust ourselves trying to kick the crap out of our opponents.  (Wanna' argue?  Not I.)

Now draw a vertical line from the peak to a mid point on the baseline to form a perpendicular.  At the top there is one triangle (don't cut it in half).  All points of the lesser triangles provide direction (up or down) of an argument.  The second layer only has two triangles that can be referred to as left or right, love or hate, positives or negatives, or even polarization.

Each lesser triangle, up and down to structure, is a step in a process of understanding and building.  Skip a step, we have confusion, however, this does illustrate strategy.  The implementation of logic.  Deductive reasoning is arguing from a general conclusion to a specific or detail, and inductive reasoning is arguing from a specific detail to a general conclusion.  If they can agree, thus balance themselves in the equation, the strategy (direction) is now founded and is sound and logical.  Moving from side to side confounds issues and logic, but these must also be balanced.

Obama does little to provide a goal - a single point in space.  He keeps that clouded to avoid showing intent.  He doesn't want the populous to see where he wants to go with the nationalization of this country.  The more he keeps hidden, the more he lies!  So he speaks in vague generalities, ricocheting like a bullet inside of an iron clad room without goal or intent.  He can't remember his latest lie(s), thus he can't provide positive direction - if in fact he has one?  It is for this reason, primarily, that he lacks the discipline to be a leader - of anything!  His ego appears narcissistic, a self adulation, possibly due to his ability to mesmerize the masses through oration talents.  Why?

Obama's gift is his ability to gather the masses to him by speaking in third party terms like "we," "us," or "our," clearly including everyone in his grand scheme, yet only hinting at a goal.  But it's clear that we are included, to ride the way - the path - to ideological successes, according to his narcissistic belief - his overconfidence in one's self.  Why?  His mannerisms are so punctuated, and oratorical skills are well honed, that no one challenges him!  And without challenge or criticism, one becomes content and arrogant.

There runs Obama, trite and content with his ability to deceive, but driven to a goal that no one knows but himself.  He will micromanage everything and everyone around him, hence the need to appear "perfect."  A slight polishing "lift" of the chin pointing toward a teleprompter, elevates him to a level of grandeur that only he can appreciate.

It isn't that he can't get started up or down the path with a strategic plan.  He doesn't know how, or where to begin, because the truth evades him whenever people are critical of his ways and means.  His narcissistic beliefs are ruling his emotions, and that's not going away too soon.  Lying and hiding the goal has become his behavioral path.  His leadership is great, but it takes on negative paths that are now seemingly inexcusable to US citizens.  Worse yet, he doesn't care!

It's frightening!

Use the word "Freedom" as your goal - the top triangle.  What is the logical process, the strategy to attain that as a goal for the US?  Big "O" doesn't know, or he has an altered agenda, well masked and hidden from view!  (But we're included!)  He believes he's God, but God knows he's not Obama.

John T. Cothern



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