Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Dithering Needs Your Help

Hey, football fans. Huddle up. Here it is, eight hours before kickoff at this writing, and I can't decide who to root for in the Super Bowl. I've been back and forth as an out-of-control yo-yo for two weeks.

I have no dog in this show. My place kicker, who went the entire season without missing one from 40 yards out, missed two against the Jets and you know the rest. Really, it's no fun going into a game without silently rooting for one team or another.

I like both teams and expect a high-scoring back-and-forth contest. The winner will be which team turns the ball over least. That means the game will probably be a 7-6 snoozer.

The Indianapolis Colts are fun to watch. I think Peyton Manning is the best quarterback of all time. But, they can't run a lick. Their defense is good enough although weakened if Dwight Feeney is disabled. Usually I favor the American Conference in these Super Bowls.

But, I am a romantic.I love to root for the underdog. And, boy, do the New Orleans Saints fit that bill. Not that they are that poor in matching up with the Colts. They have a terrific quarterback in Drew Brees, good receivers and a stout yet opportunistic defense.

The Saints are in the big game for the first time in their 43-year existence. These perennial losers have formed a team that has rallied the Katrina-ravished city to the best feel-good position anyone could hope for.

So, I need your help. Colts or Saints?

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