Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cardinal Stokes "Nazi" in Arizona Anti-Immigrant Fire

 In a stunning display of outrage and shocking words, Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony has denounced an Arizona crackdown on illegal immigrants that forces people to turn each other in as the same techniques used by "German Nazi and Russian Communist(s)."

"The Arizona legislature just passed the country's most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law," he wrote on his blog, according to the Los Angeles Times. "The tragedy of the law is its totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources. That is not only false, the premise is nonsense."

The Arizona law passed by the Republican-dominated legislature Monday but needing Gov. Jan Brewer's signature would make it a crime to be in the state illegally and require law enforcement officers without probable cause to check the legal status of those they suspect are undocumented.

Mahony is the head of the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese and a powerful, influential voice among Catholics and others nationwide. His comments are the highest-level statement from the Catholic hierarchy on the Arizona legislation. The Los Angeles archdiocese is nearly 70% Latino.

Taking a more moderate stance against the legislation were Tuscon Diocese Bishop Gerald Kicanas who spearheaded other leaders from the Roman Catholic Church in writing a letter urging the governor to "show great political courage" and veto the bill.

The letter, according to the Times, said the law would hurt the economy and reduce public safety by diverting police resources and discouraging Mexicans from reporting crimes.

The bishop said parishes in his diocese have participated in "immigration academies" to learn about the issue and how Scripture and church teachings apply to it. In Leviticus, for instance, God instructs Moses not to mistreat aliens and to welcome them as if they were native-born, the Times reported.

The final version of the law dropped an earlier provision mandating people to report suspected illegal immigrants to authorities. Instead, it mandates only police when such action is "practicable." The law would not sanction owners who hire illegal immigrants.

"It's pretty clear that all of our religious traditions speak of welcoming the stranger and assisting people in need," Kicanas said. "I believe this is a drastic, punitive measure that will not benefit the states."



Arizona lawmakers in debating the bill said they are fed up with the federal government's inability to control the border. Triggering the legislation was a rancher killed by suspected illegal immigrants recently. Homeland Security claims the illegal immigrant population in Arizona has increased 70% between 2000 and 2008. Riding the wave of the publicity, Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl yesterday demanded the Obama administration to send more troops to protect the border. The Arizona law is understandable as a knee-jerk reaction but still Draconian by its edicts. Cardinal Mahoney's words only pour gasoline on a firestorm. McCain and Kyl are playing to the gallery. Gov. Brewer should veto the bill.

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JSpencer said...

Nice to see someone from the catholic church establishment take a moral stand on this. Whether or not a veto is forthcoming will be the real test of courage over politics here.

Brittanicus said...

Arizona Immigration law.

It’s being called the toughest crackdown on illegal immigration in the country. A bill requiring local police to determine if a person is in this country legally is expected to be signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as reported by CNN cable TV. According to the 175 comments listed on the website, people against the Arizona illegal immigration enforcement law I counted was 46. To fully enforce the new immigration law, that potentially should be signed into existence by Governor Brewer was 129. Their was no bias in this article regarding this ultra serious law from CNN, just explaining what has been enacted by the state legislators. So the usual open border, Democratic-Liberal-Marxists extremists, pro-amnesty politicians are already screaming racial profiling and every other excuse to derail our immigration laws.

SIMPLE ANSWER IS TO PUT FEDERAL TROOPS ON THE BORDER, TO REINFORCE THE UNDERMANNED US BORDER PATROL AND LIMITED COUNTY SHERIFFS AND POLICE. AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID ALONG WITH A HUGE PART OF THE POPULATION, THAT OUR LAWS ARE ONLY SEEN TO BE ENFORCED. WHEN THE ARE INTENTIONALLY MEANT TO FAIL. America is only one of industrialized nations that restrict millions of impoverished, destitute illegal foreigners, THAT AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ARE FORCED BY THE IRS TO FINANCIALLY support. Nobody should be allowed into America unless they can support themselves. That hundreds of thousands are sponsored by relatives, but eventually leave it up to the US taxpayer to subsidize their families. Guess the illegal immigrants will head lock-stock-barrel for the refuge state of California, as there is lots of welfare freebies there. Nor should we forget the murder of RobertKurtz, a Arizona rancher by an illegal drug smuggler on his own land.

We could underwrite our foreign wars with the billions spent for the fiscal livelihood of the 20-30 million illegal aliens squatting here. US taxpayers have an unprecedented battle on our hands to stop the travesty of a impending push for immigration reform--Amnesty. You the taxpayer must enter the fight or we will become a cesspool of everybody who can climb our border fence (where it exists) Where people leave the airline terminal with no intention to leave America. Arizona did the right thing and I only hope other states follow, with California-The Sanctuary state doing something-anything? Get ready to remove Pro-Amnesty Sen. Harry Reid, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi and other proponents. Sen.John McCain and Sen. Harry Reid should be first to be voted out and a resonating example made of them. Learn everything you wanted to know about the illegal immigration invasion at NumbersUSA..

PS: Before Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Roman Catholic archdiocese speaks out about immigration enforcement, he needs to get his own house in order. With more and more pederast priests being hidden away in dark corners or absconded to a far distance churches.