Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Injured Dog Seeks Help By Walking To Emergency Room

I've written before about my love for dogs and am continually amazed of their exploits.

The latest caper is a German shepherd mix who apparently was involved in a dog fight and limped through the automatic revolving doors of the San Juan Medical Center in Farmington, New Mexico, as a matter of good fortune or just plain luck seeking medical help.

The dog,  a male about eight years old, had blood on its snout and paw and a puncture wound on a hind leg, animal control officer Robin Loev told a reporter for the Farmington Daily News. "The irony of the situation is the dog wasn't doing well. He was drooling and appeared to be sick."

While hospital personnel called animal control, patients petted the dog and gave him water. At the shelter, Loev said the dog was cleaned, fed, vaccinated and given a blanket when it was determined the injuries weren't serious for a veterinarian to look after.

He said the dog wore a green collar, was well trained and neutered. It will be placed for adoption Wednesday unless the owner comes by to claim it.

A hospital emergency room employee told the paper once every three months or so a dog wanders into the hospital because of the automatic sliding doors but this one on Saturday night was the first who appeared to need medical attention.

I have heard remarkable stories about dogs throughout my life. The most outstanding one was the claim by a Texas family who abandoned their pet as they moved to Indiana. Three months later the dog showed up in their yard.

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