Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fists Fly In Burqa Ban Feud In France

The rising tension of Muslim women wearing veils covering their heads erupted in a fist fight among three women in the town of Trignac, France, this past Saturday..

One woman, a lawyer, 60, ripped the burqa off the head of a Muslim convert, 26, in a small clothing shop. The younger woman said she heard someone making "snide remarks" about her black burqa. As the fighting escalated in the clothing store, the lawyer's daughter also allegedly joined in. All three women were arrested.

The controversy in the Euro nations is as derisive as Arizona's anti-immigrant laws.

On May 11, the French parliament voted 434-0 for a non-binding resolution asserting  that face-covering Muslim veils are contrary to the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity on which France is founded. A law forbidding burqas in pulbic is pending.

A French police officer told Britain's Telegraph newspaper the lawyer wanted the law passed and enforced immediately.

France has a population of 5 million Muslims, most from former French colonies in Africa. Belgium was the first of several Euro nations to impose a ban on face-covering Islamic dress.

Muslims attending a conference in Vienna Sunday criticized the European countries for considering the burqa ban. They said it was counterproductive and regressive.

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