Taking sides on any issue involving the Israelis and Palestinians is at best perilous since there is valid arguments for and against both dating back to when this turf war first began 4,000 years ago. After all those years, what's a setback in a two-state solution now and then? The flotilla incident is just the latest in a long series of conflicts yet to come. I find my sentiments with Israel identical to those laid out by survivors and families of the Liberty stated in their website. That is:

The USS Liberty Memorial web site abhors the racist and extreme positions taken by antiSemitic, Holocaust denial, conspiracy theorist and other such groups which often seek to identify with us and to usurp our story as their own. We have no connection with and do not support or encourage support from any of these groups including National Alliance, National Vanguard, The New Order, National Socialists, The French Connection, Liberty Lobby, American Free Press, Republic Broadcasting, USS Liberty Radio Hour, Storm Front or other such groups. We wish harm to no one and encourage social justice and equality for everyone; we seek only accountability for the criminal acts perpetrated against us and can do that without help from hate-mongers.

On the Israeli side, the group of pro-Israel, anti-American critics of our story, while small, persists in launching loud, vicious ad hominem attacks on anyone who attempts to discuss the deliberateness of the attack. These anti-American apologists refuse to discuss the facts of the case. Instead, they rely on
propaganda and charge anyone who questions the Israeli position with being antiSemitic.