Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Rick Barber -- True Patriot Or Another Wing-nut?

 Every political nook and cranny can be found a wing-nut so allow me to join MSNBC's First Read and YouTube in introducing Rick Barber, a Tea Party Republican in Alabama who wants to take arms against his country.

In a TV campaign ad, Barber is seen railing about President Obama and the new health reform law which he says the Internal Revenue Service will force everyone to buy health insurance.

Except he says it in a manner of which only the video below does justice.

The scene has Barber chatting with presumably President George Washington and reminding him:

'You, gentlemen, revolted over a tea tax! A tea tax! Now look at us. Are you with me?"  Replies the actor playing one of our founding fathers, "Gather your armies."

Excuse me, but if that isn't a candidate advocating taking up arms against his country because of a political position he opposes, my name isn't Jerry Remmers and the moon is made of cheese.

Barber faces Martha Roby in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District in a runoff from the June 1 Primary. The winner would face Democratic incumbent Rep. Bobby Bright.

In the first round, Roby received 36,266 votes (48.6%), Barber 21,290 (28.5%), Stephanie Bell 13,760 (18.5%) and John McKinney 3,346 (4.5%).

I need not remind you that Barber is considered true blue by some of his constituents including Luann Dawkins who filed this report for the River Region Community Examiner, Ala., on April 22:

In today's political climate it is hard to tell whom to believe and whom to throw to the curb. One stand out candidate for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District, Rick Barber, gives no such confusion. In an interview with Mr. Barber, it was clear he has an easy way about him, that lends to conversation, never intimidation. He has a passion for the politics in this Country and to turn the tide for a fair and working government that works for the PEOPLE, not special interest groups. 

It gets mushier.

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