Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet Jessie, Detention Officer A La La

I needed a respite from talking generals and oil blowouts so what better than tell the story of an Arkansas detention officer who posed in the semi-nude for Playboy's on-line gig?

Jessie Lunderby, 21, was placed on administrative leave Sunday when her boss, sheriff Tim Helder of Washington County in Fayetteville, Ark., found out about it.

He said wearing a pink bra and panties in a photo shoot as Playboy's on-line "June 7th Cyber Girl of the Week" violated department policy.

"It's just kind of shady, the way they're doing the whole thing," Lunderby complained to Fayetteville's KFSM-TV.
What teed off the sheriff is that the detention officer listed the department on her Playboy bio and the distractions it will cause when the inmates she escorts to court start behaving badly once the video becomes widely distributed.

"In my view, taking your clothes off and making a private issue a public one has done nothing to aid us in our mission," Helder said.

The sheriff dropped kicked the problem onto the desk of the county attorney for any disciplinary action.

Just as generals talking out of school and oil rigs blowing out, Jessie is not the first young woman to get in job trouble for posing seductively in national pop media. Nor, the last.

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